Curates eggs – pic 2


Carved and painted wooden eggs with felt, densotape, adhesive dots, collage, plastic sheep, mirror, lead, copper, decal, paint, all contained within a fishermans hook box
200mm(w) x 300mm(h) x 70mm(d)
The hinged box in the first compartments opens to reveal the eggs on one side and an inscription on the other side which reads:
“Complex is bad. Simple is good.
Simple and complex is very good.
Skill is bad. Virtuosity is bad.
Caustic orange is bad. Acid yellow is bad.
Searing vermillion is bad.
Battleship grey is scintillating.
Battleship grey is chic.
Battleship grey is good.
Glass is good. Formica is good.
Felt is good. Densotape is very good.
Big rubbish small space is very good.
Small rubbish big space is not so very good.
Theft is bad. Appropriation is good.
Many art chums is good.
No art chums is bad.
Very old is very good.
Not so old not so good.
Almost dead is good.
Very dead is very good.”

The second compartment opens to reveal more eggs and three inscriptions:
“The good is the beautiful” Plato (429-347BC)
“In hip hop slang “that’s bad” can mean “that’s good” depending on the tone of voice” Evening Standard 11th Nov 1987
“I will be so bad. To be bad is to be good. To be good is to be boring” Malcolm McLaren

The piece is about my view on the “art world”. In some cases I’ve quoted verbatim critic’s “artspeak”
Exhibited in 2000 at Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition cat no 190

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