The tarot clock – detail – the Tower



Carved and painted lime with pine, gesso, gold leaf.

1030mm(w) x 2350mm(h) x 420mm(d)

This was a major piece which took about a year to make. It is based on the Major Arcana of the tarot cards so each of the 22 cards is depicted in a little Carved vignette – Death, The Lovers, The Hieophant, Justice, the Fool and so on. The original mechanism was made by Mr Blackie of Musselburgh some time around 1790. It was renovated by Jurgen Tubbeke who also made the mechanism for the Milenium Clock in Edinburgh. The pendulum is the Hanged Man and special lead weights were made. Unfortunately regulating the clock became too onerous and I reluctantly replaced the original face and mechanism with a modern one. The piece was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy annual summer exhibition in 2001.

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