Carved and painted lime with gold leaf in a handmade box.

590mm(w) x 610mm(h) x 150mm(d)

This piece was never exhibited. I was attempting to make a box of chocolates which belied their immediate appearance. Perhaps the concept was better than the execution. LIke a real box of chocolates it comes with an illustrated menu card.
Chocolates include:
– Riga Ripple (the gates of Auschwitz)
– Tarantella Treat (a scorpion)
– Predator Punch (a shark)
– Trifle Tower (the Eiffel Tower in white chocolate)
– Hedonist Heaven (a coke bottle with breasts)
– Ebola Cola
– Trumpet Tiramisu (a gravestone)
– Dr K’s Lime Cordial (a poison bottle in the shape of a skull)
– Dart Tartuffo (a medieval depiction of a skeleton with death’s dart)
– Angry Man Chocolate (He’s saying “Get the f…. out of my box!”)
– Prozac Praline
– Strawberry Kiss (domestic violence, showing two heads colliding)
– Cherry Griotte (the image suggests a different interpretation of “cherry”)
– The Unknown Chocolate (a cave painting as war memorial)

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