Carved and painted lime.,

190mm(w) x 620mm(h) x 200mm(d)

Like many people I get lots of “spam” e-mails from people who are sufficiently concerned about my welfare to want to help me. Sometimes this is in the form of pharmaceuticals (hence the pill on the outstretched tongue of the head) Other times I am to be a beneficiary to millions of dollars. To receive this all I need to do is provide some personal details. What I particularly like about the e-mails from my friends are their names. “Porfilio Pollock” or “Odytteut Eldout” or “Carlis Winzelberg” or “Thaddeus Barnard” are some of my favourites So I inscribed them round the base of the plinth as a big “thank you”. The piece was subsequently broken up and remade in 2014.

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