2003 -13

Carved and painted lime with crepe bandage, wax/ beads, lead, copper/plastic pigs/ brass, collage/ tangerine skin – all in found cigar box.

About 220mm wide.

The title derives from the title of a poem of the same name by Arthur Rimbaud which I read when I was about 19. Rimbaud was a big favourite of the surrealists. In his poem Rimbaud attributes colours to the vowels. He then uses images to relate to the colours. In my box I attribute the 5 women(?) to the vowels. The “women” are put into “cigar like” shapes which conceal their bodies, trapping/embalming them. The shapes are covered in a variety of materials – see above
Some of the materials were acquired on a trip to America in 2002 – the pink pigs in New York, the cigar box in Vermont (for $5!) and the beads in Boston. The piece was made on my return and lay around for years. I never got around to exhibiting it until it was accepted for the Royal Scottish Academy open exhibition in 2013.

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