(7)+6 J.C’s led the big parade


Carved and painted lime with found objects in handmade box.

750mm(w) x 620mm(h) x 75mm(d)

I admire greatly the work of the America sculptor Ed Keinholtz and his wife, Nancy Keinholtz. Made between 1992-4 “76 J.C’s Led the Big Charade” consists of 76 framed icons of Jesus Christ mounted on the handles of childrens push chairs. Keinholtz’s work is very observational, and critical of, American society. In my little piece I took people from all walks of life whose initials begin with J.C and mounted them on to found corkscrews to which I added little hands as well as incorporating artefacts and memorobilia associated with their lives. These were located as little “sunken” vignettes – John Calvin/Johnny Cash, Jasper Carrot, Jim Clark, Jackie Charlton, Joseph Conrad, Jimmy Carter and Julius Caesar.

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