Raw Faith and George

George wasn’t a sailor or a boat builder. In fact he was a bit of an outsider who quit his job, sold his house and with his three sons started building “Raw Faith”, a three masted schooner. George didn’t quite have the the time,skill, money or inclination to follow traditional boat building techniques or even the rules. After 4 years, “Blind Faith”, sailed, got a lot of attention, floated and was described by one account as “really cool” and by other accounts as “none too sturdy” or ”less than seaworthy”. The US coast guard categorized it as “derelict” which is more or less the view they held of George. By the time the boat had taken to the water, George was divorced and his three sons had “moved on”. Undeterred, and with altruistic ambition, George sailed into the sunset, losing a rudder, a mast on one occasion and then three masts on another. Each time the US coast guard rescued George and towed him ashore. And each time George “repaired “ the boat and set off again. Finally, “Raw Faith” sank in 6000 feet of water off Bermuda and the US coast guard airlifted George to safety. My little piece shows George with his three sons on “Blind Faith” in happier times, full of hope.

550mm(d) x 480mm(h) x 120mm(d)

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