Alan Faulds – Carved Kaleidoscope, By Martin Horan

As Published in Craft and Design, Issue 238, March/April 2015 Entering an Alan Faulds exhibition at Pittenweem Festival in Fife, I felt I’d wandered into some kind of wonderland
of mysterious, but colourful, lively shapes. I soon realised I was among objects of serious works of art and depiction. The giveaway was their detailed workmanship. … Read More »

Pittenweem Arts Festival Q & A

Describe your art: Carved and painted oak or lime figurative sculpture. I also make small boats from driftwood This photo illustrates a piece I made for my garden. I’m interested in making outdoor sculpture because of the challenges it presents, in particular painted wood. Unlike bronze my work fades, cracks and crazes and ultimately disintegrates. I … Read More »

Garden sculpture becomes talking point

A SCULPTURE in Lower Largo is attracting interest in the local community and beyond. Created by artist Alan Faulds, the distinctive brightly coloured work, entitled Malagan, sits in his garden overlooking the Firth of Forth. The new Main Street attraction has become quite the talking point around town – is it a totem pole or … Read More »